At Salox LTD, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge IT services that propel businesses to new heights. With a team of highly skilled experts, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to your unique needs.



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Enabling Your Business with Comprehensive IT Solutions

At Salox, we offer a diverse range of IT services to empower businesses with strong and up-to-date technology solutions. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we ensure seamless IT operations and enhanced productivity for your organization.

Our IT Services Include

Comprehensive HelpDesk Services: Exceeding Expectations

Outsource customer service to our 24/7 HelpDesk for dedicated support. Our expert team handles high call volumes and provides assistance outside office hours, ensuring round-the-clock availability.

Our HelpDesk team replicates your processes, optimizing operations for efficiency. With significant cost savings, our 24/7 service delivers customer satisfaction.

At Salox, we surpass expectations, drawing on industry expertise to outperform competitors. Quick responses and efficient call handling leave no room for disappointment.

We embody your brand, offering premium service. Our partnership approach, driven by data insights, maximizes success. Elevate your reputation and customer satisfaction with our HelpDesk services.

Global Public Cloud Services: Empowering Your Cloud Journey

Embrace the digital era with Salox's Global Public Cloud Services. Align your business goals with the Digital World and pay only for the IT resources you need. Our economic viable public cloud solutions are designed with your organization's workflow and needs in mind, using flexible pricing models.

Experience vendor independence as we build a scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure tailored to your use-case. Our Agile & Scalable approach ensures the right architecture for a viable public cloud solution, leveraging its intrinsic benefits.

With Salox as your OnPrem & Cloud Integrator, enjoy seamless integration without losing ROI or knowledge of existing systems. Our expertise in traditional systems and current cloud technologies allows us to create flexible and unified public, cloud, or hybrid cloud solutions.

Security is paramount, and our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions meet data compliance regulations and standards. Salox ensures the protection of your resources during cloud migration.

Begin your journey to the cloud with Salox, your Azure & GCP Certified Partner. Our custom solutions on Google and Microsoft cloud platforms cater to your performance, simplicity, and cost management needs.

Migrate successfully with our well-defined migration strategy, addressing key challenges and providing continuous technical support. Benefit from our unique ecosystem of holistic end-to-end services, including migration, automation, cloud data security, monitoring, and cost-management.

Choose the right approach for your IT management - single cloud services provider, Multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud environment - expertly designed and applied by Salox.

Post-migration, our managed services offer automatic cloud services and resources management, backed by our cloud experts support team.

Accelerate application development with our DevOps services, continuous support, automation solutions, and conversion services to various PaaS environments. Salox empowers your cloud journey with comprehensive public cloud solutions tailored to your needs.

Transform Your Business with Salox's Networking Services

Our Networking services optimize your network infrastructure for seamless connectivity and data transfer. We design, implement, and manage robust network solutions to ensure efficient communication within your organization.

Our experienced team of consultants has helped numerous organizations define their network strategy, procure new network infrastructure, and achieve significant cost savings through audits and contract renegotiations.

WAN Consultants for Independent Networking Solutions

As independent networking consultants, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including network auditing, contract negotiations, network strategy development, and WAN procurement. Our proven methodologies and vast experience ensure that our clients receive top-notch advice and guidance on technology, suppliers, and solutions.

Crafting a Pragmatic Network Strategy

We understand the importance of a well-thought-out network strategy that aligns with your business goals. Leveraging our industry expertise, we offer pragmatic insights into the WAN landscape, considering factors such as service locations, required service levels, latency, company profile, and services strategy to design the best approach for your business.

Network Procurement Made Efficient and Effective

Our network consultants excel in running procurement processes for new WAN infrastructure, covering supplier requirements, solution design, implementation, support, and commercial negotiations. Whether your project drivers are cost reduction, increased efficiency, or management improvements, we work closely with you to secure the right solution, partner, and commercial deal.

Network Cost Savings and Optimization

Knowing your network, its locations, and costs is essential to achieve savings without impacting users. Our auditing services identify redundant services, provide a complete inventory list, and ensure services are on the correct tariff. WAN benchmarking allows you to renegotiate with suppliers or create a solid business case.

Expert Contract Renegotiation Services

If you're satisfied with your incumbent supplier but seek better commercial terms or service level adjustments, our telecoms contract negotiation expertise can help. We ensure you achieve the highest possible savings while maintaining a good relationship with your supplier.

Personal Server Systems for Your Business

Enhance the performance and reliability of your server systems with our expert management services. We ensure smooth server operations, maintenance, and security to keep your critical business applications running flawlessly.

Invest in personal server systems to take control of your IT services and network management. Our expert consultation services ensure you choose the right setup for your business needs. We optimize and analyze your systems regularly to keep them running efficiently, providing round-the-clock support. Find the perfect server systems for your business with our assistance and create a strong IT setup for growth and success. Explore our server cabinets, HP/Dell solutions, virtualization, disaster recovery, installation, and support services to streamline your IT infrastructure and maximize efficiency.

Customized Software Management Solutions for Your Business

Every business requires dedicated software solutions to streamline daily tasks and operations. Our software management experts understand that each company has unique requirements, and we provide tailored software solutions to meet your specific needs. From integration of separate modules into a cohesive unit to comprehensive support and training, we offer a complete business solution. Our expert trainers ensure your employees are proficient in using the solutions we create. With our outstanding IT support team available round the clock, you can rely on prompt assistance and problem-solving for any software-related issues.

Explore our range of software management and IT consultancy services, including auditing, licensing, training, installation, updates, and consultancy. Strengthen your security, simplify licensing processes, receive comprehensive training, deploy the right technology, stay updated with the latest upgrades, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Experience spectacular service and unmatched support from our highly trained experts to enhance your business efficiency.

Expert Office 365 Services for Smooth Migration and Productivity

Looking to migrate to Office 365 but worried about downtime and data loss? At Salox, our experienced engineer teams have successfully executed smooth Office 365 migrations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum data protection throughout the process.

Our comprehensive Office 365 services include Office 365 Pricing, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365 Support, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Accessibility, and Microsoft Teams Business Voice. 

Office 365 (now known as Microsoft 365) offers a suite of powerful productivity and work applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Exchange, and Microsoft Teams. As an ongoing license, you'll receive all future updates for improved functionality.

We make migrating to Office 365 effortless and seamless. With our vast experience, we ensure a smooth transition from various types of infrastructure. Whether you need IT Support, our teams guarantee minimal downtime during the migration, enhancing productivity and data management for any business.

Streamlined Access Control with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Consulting

In the modern workforce, where end-users are diverse and dispersed, maintaining synchronization and security is vital. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), part of the Office 365 suite, offers a comprehensive cloud solution for keeping users, groups, and devices up-to-date. Our Active Directory consultants ensure efficiency and ROI throughout your technology ecosystem.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Solutions:

Centralized Control: Simplify management with core directory services, application access management, and identity governance. Your IT team can sync users, groups, and devices effortlessly.

Secure Remote Access: Provide secure remote access to on-premises and SaaS applications using single sign-on access and multi-factor authentication policies for enhanced security.

Offload IT Micro-Tasks: Empower users with self-service password reset, reducing IT trouble-tickets and freeing up your team for more critical initiatives.

Salox's Active Directory Consulting Services:

We offer comprehensive support for Microsoft Azure AD. From planning to implementation, user training, and ongoing management, our experts ensure improved security and efficiency in user management.

Efficient Google Workspace Management and Setup Services

Make the most of Google Workspace with our expert assistance. We configure and manage Google Workspace applications to boost productivity and enable seamless collaboration.

Simplify and streamline your workflow with our Google Workspace Consultant services. With Google Sheets, create and share spreadsheets in real-time with multiple users, eliminating the need for sending versions via email. We can integrate data in Google Sheets with your website and internal systems through automation and present company data as a dashboard. 

Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues using Google Docs, track versions, and make updates without the hassle of file sharing. Moving to G-Mail provides significant benefits, including improved email delivery and integration with CRM, Project, and Task management systems. 

Our G Suite Consultant can help you schedule appointments effortlessly and integrate other scheduling apps into the calendar. Access your files from anywhere with Google Drive's storage, with options for secure sharing and compatibility with Mac, PC, and smartphones. 

Let us optimize your workflow with a wide range of Google Drive compatible solutions.

Safeguard your critical data with our Backup and DRP/BCM services

Protecting your business from data loss and downtime is crucial, especially in the face of security breaches or natural disasters. Our Backup and Recovery Services provide comprehensive data protection for applications, files, and servers, ensuring your critical data is safeguarded and readily recoverable.

With our Disaster Recovery (DR) expertise, we help your company quickly return to normal operations after adverse events. Our dedicated 24/7 support and business continuity planning go beyond regular backups, creating fully redundant solutions for emergency situations.

Enjoy a flexible retention schedule tailored to your internal and external requirements, providing real-time insights into your backup and recovery process. Our secure cloud offering centralizes and manages your business systems, simplifying data recovery with just a few clicks.

We reduce data loss risk by proactively monitoring backups for failures and automatically repairing them, ensuring you always have a valid backup. To add an extra layer of security, we create data replication across multiple data centers.

Salox’s cloud backup and recovery service uses top-tier data centers to protect your on-premise data and business software applications. This includes data snapshots, cloud data replication, business continuity planning, and data recovery services. Whether facing natural disasters, viruses, malware attacks, or compliance and regulation requirements, our reliable disaster recovery plan and secure protection have got your back. Trust us to minimmize downtime and get your business back to normal efficiently.

Efficient Asset Management Solutions for Maximized ROI

Efficiently manage your IT assets with our Asset Management services. We provide comprehensive asset tracking, monitoring, and optimization to maximize the value of your technology investments.

Maximizing the return on your hardware and software investments is essential, but merely procuring assets at the lowest price is not enough. To optimize overall costs and expenditures, measuring the monetary return on IT equipment is crucial. However, challenges like Shadow IT, undocumented changes, unexpected audits, and human errors can make this task seem impossible.

Our asset management solution brings Shadow IT to light and compares it to the legitimate use-cases of your hardware and software. This method helps you distinguish between unnecessary purchases and essential tools and software for your organization.

With Salox, your IT or ITAM department can better manage IT assets and address cost overruns effectively. Whether you are a manufacturer, large healthcare provider, bank, or service organization, this approach will help you achieve a measurable level of maturity and align with your business goals. Take control of your IT budget and put a permanent stop to cost overruns with our efficient asset management solutions.

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Experienced Professionals
Our team of skilled IT experts possesses in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver top-notch solutions.
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Count on our dedicated support team to address your IT concerns promptly and efficiently, no matter the time of day.
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Tailored Solutions
We understand that every business is unique, and we customize our services to align with your specific requirements.

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Security and Reliability
Rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands, as we prioritize security and reliability in all our services.
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Brokerage company
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Exceptional BI services! The team provided us with invaluable insights through insightful data visualization and comprehensive analytics. They were responsive to our needs and helped us optimize our business processes efficiently. Thanks to their expertise, we gained a deeper understanding of our market trends and made informed decisions. Highly recommended!

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Tech company
Outstanding Cybersecurity services! The team's multi-layered approach to security transformed our business's protection against cyber threats. Their threat intelligence and automation techniques bolstered our defenses and provided real-time monitoring. With their expertise, we now feel confident in our cybersecurity measures, and their cloud and managed security services have been invaluable. Thank you for keeping our company safe and secure!
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Marketing company
Excellent VOIP services! The team implemented a seamless communication solution that has revolutionized our business operations. The VOIP system's reliability and crystal-clear call quality have significantly improved our team's collaboration and productivity. Their support team was always prompt in resolving any issues, ensuring uninterrupted communication. We are thrilled with the results and highly satisfied with the exceptional VOIP services provided.
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